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Welcome Sexy Amateur Girls in Wet Panties Blog

Get to know our models Panty Pleasing and Teasing. Weekly updates of Exclusive and daily videos of pretty young woman stripping down to their panties, showing you the very best panty action on the NET.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stunningly Beautiful Pantie Babe Petra Morgan!

The ultimate glamour babe, Petra, returns to pantyamateur to show us her panties. In this video, You can see her wearing a black dress that is simply stunning and as she walks up to the camera, she says "If I come any closer, you'll be able to see right up my skirt". As she sits down and starts going through some files on her laptop, we get the very best front of house view for the some great upskirt panty views. This was totally Awesome...!!

Click Here for More Videos of Petra Morgan

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What a Great Tease! Stephanie Brown

When we invited Stephanie to have photoshoot with us, all was accordingly into a plan, we intented to suprise her to wear something hot and sexy. But when she came, she's the one surprised us first! I never imagine that the one that she wearing was so extremely perfect! I never had an idea that wearing a school uniform would be the best for Panty Tease! With a gorgeous blonde babe like her wearing a school uniform, Well,words can never be expressed! What a great tease!

Click Here for More Videos of Stephanie Brown

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Perfect Panty Figure! Tanya Katarina

Tanya Katarina is a FA honey blonde Model from London. She is a trained Actress, Singer and Dancer. This Babe has a strong sense of sexuality with matching glammourous voice and movement skills. Tanya always want to express herself through dancing, acting, singing and modelling. When we had our photoshoot we really enjoy watching her doing some stuff for us, and as for that we don't want to miss every single movements and everything she does in front of us. All I can say was this babe is extremely perfect her characteristics, face expressions and she was fun to be work with so in behalf of that I'm glad that we have her in Panties!

Click Here for More Videos of Tanya Katarina

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Let's Welcome Paige Robbins Teasing Pantie

Paige Robbins had be lost for words when I met her. She has one hell of a body and she is trained in gymnastics! She also featured at many TV shows, tabloids, commercials and magazines such as MAXIM, MAX POWER, MOTORSPORT NEWS, FAST CAR and many more. She is a very exceptional beautiful young glamour model that provides professional modeling service for any businesses. All i can say was she is perfect in panties, I'm quietly surprise when I see her modeling and stripping down to her panties, Paige definitely knows how to tickle every men's weaknesses.

Click Here for More Videos of Paige Robbins

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Monica Harris in Panties

Monica Harris is a 22 years old babe from UK. She's an official Playboy UK Cyber babe. She appeared at many various advertisements, experienced in TV and RADIO presenting and she's also one talented girl, She like dancing, singing and acting. When we come up with this babe she's so easy and very outstanding outcome when it comes with panties. Also all task that we given to her she always work happy and professionally. You can see at her videos...Well all i can say she's one sweet and gorgeous babe in panties.

Click Here for More Videos of Monica Harris

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dannii Harwood at PantyAmateur.Com

Danni Harwood was born in Neath in South Wales. She is a perfect hot pantie model and also she appeared at many TV programs, commercials, national newspapers and magazines such as MEN'S HEALTH, BIZARRE, FHM, MAX POWER AND HEAT and she own a monthly column in Maxim for sixth months after winning 'The Little Black Book' competition. When Danni became one of our babes, Men i got nothing more to say she's one of a hell sweet gorgeous pantie babe! and the real thing is she love her job because modeling is her dream and she finally made it through!

Click Here for More Videos of Dannii Harwood

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Featuring Nikki Graham

Nikki Graham is a sexy beautiful blonde pantie babe with a great personality from North London. She also features from the popular Channel 4 Big Brother TV series. Wow! you can't imagine while she stripping down to her knickers, showing you her panties and enjoying herself knowing were watching. In this video check out the very sexy Nicky Graham as she enters the kitchen wearing a pair of great denim shorts that hug her ass. We cant wait to see what panties she's wearing under those and after a while of teasing us she obliges by slowing pulling off those jeans shorts. We're in for a great pantie treat!

Click Here for More Videos of Nikki Graham

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Introducing Nelsa Aimee

Nelsa Aimee is a a hot sexy uk babe and also a professional published glamour model. She's been published in a national newspaper front page and inside and a couple of UK bike mags front cover and centerfold. She always give 110% into whatever assignment we given and she's perfect!. And now let's welcome her she's now a hot girl in panties.

Click Here for More Videos of Nelsa Aimee

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Meet Naomi in Panties

Naomi is a gorgeous girl from London, UK. She has a Hot and Sexy body! In this video you can see her stripping down to her sweet wet like pantie. Naomi has what I consider to be almost the panty perfect figure. Everything she puts on looks great, especially the panties!

Click Here to See More Videos of Naomi

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